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Poker can be played not only in poker rooms, but also in casinos. True, there is a big difference between playing poker in online casinos and in online rooms. The casino features five-card poker, which has nothing to do with the games that are played in poker rooms, except for combinations. So is it worth playing and how to beat casino poker?

Types of poker games in online casinos

You can play poker in online casinos for real money in several modifications. These are popular varieties of gambling poker with some differences in the exchange rules, for example:

  • Oasis poker is the most popular, you can change one or five cards;
  • Russian poker – casino poker rules allow the exchange of any number of cards, but no Ante is paid;
  • Caribbean Poker is a classic five-card game ;
  • Crezi poker – double purchase of the game from the dealer and the second exchange of cards from the player are allowed;
  • Six-card poker – it is allowed to buy the sixth card or change all five cards;
  • Texas poker is a modification of Hold’em poker, in which the player competes with the dealer, and not other players.
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Any online casino poker has the following features:

  • Winning depends not so much on strategy as on luck;
  • You can play poker in a casino only against the house, and not against other players;
  • The size of the win does not depend on the strategy – it is determined by the player’s bet and the strength of the combination.

Should you play casino poker?

Before you start playing poker in a casino for real money, you should know the features of such a game. You’ve probably heard the saying that casinos are always in the black! This is true and, in large part, due to the fact that the rules of poker in casinos are invented that distinguish gambling from intellectual card games!

If you are planning to play online poker in a virtual casino, be aware that you will be in an unequal playing field. In casino poker, there is a rule – when the dealer does not have a game, he does not pay for the combinations of players – only Ante 1: 1. If the dealer has a game, but the player does not have it, the player loses both the Ante and the Bet confirmation! Because of this, the casino is at an advantage!

Five Card Casino Poker – Strategies and Odds

When playing five card poker in a casino, strategies and odds can also be exploited. However, the application of the strategy is kept to a minimum. For example, decreasing or increasing the bet from one to another will not bring any advantage. The bet is made blindly, so the player cannot predict when to go up and when to go down.

The odds can be calculated, as in Hold’em, to determine the productivity of the exchange of cards. This is easy to do, because the player knows how many cards are in the deck by suit and denomination. Here’s a simple example:

  • The player has two aces and three trash cards in his hands. Since it is known that there are four aces in the deck, the player can calculate that there are two aces left in it, which can bring him a stronger and higher paying combination. He knows six cards – five pocket cards and one revealed card of the dealer. It turns out that out of the remaining 46 cards, only two are suitable for him. If he changes one card, the chances of getting the third Ace are 46: 2, if three cards are 15.3: 2.
  • The odds in casino poker can show how effective an exchange can be. If the chances are low, it is better to refuse the exchange, but if the probability is high, it is more profitable to change the cards.

Playing online casino poker for real money

There are hundreds of casinos online that offer online poker. New casinos open every month, and some simply change their names, as many players stop playing due to frequent losses. The fact is that most of these establishments do not know what honesty is. Their algorithms for dealing cards are tuned in such a way that players are always on the losing side. Also, online casinos are “famous” for the fact that they do not allow withdrawals, even if the player has won.

True, there are also honest casinos in the sense that they do not “tweak” the state of emergency against the players. For example, such an old one as 888 Casino or a very young one – Casino Poker Stars. They even have video tables where players can see the live dealer and the cards he deals in real time . This approach to organizing games is by far the most honest! If you nevertheless decide to play poker in an online casino for real money, choose proven establishments and video tables.

It is highly recommended not to play in online casinos, but to consider card games in poker rooms as an alternative. You can make money in them by studying the theory of poker and choosing a profitable strategy.

Poker for free in online casinos

Even if you are planning to play poker in a casino for real money, you should try the free game first. There are free casinos for playing poker, which, for example, can be found on social networks or downloaded to your mobile. Also, some casinos provide free chips that the user can play on – you won’t win anything with them, but you won’t lose either. The free game will allow you to master the rules, learn the combination and learn how to determine their strength. It will also help you understand in which situations it is worth spending money on an exchange, and in which not.

Poker, even in a casino format, is an interesting and exciting game. However, it is worth considering its alternative – games in poker rooms, in which the payoff depends more on the intellectual abilities and experience of the poker player than on luck.

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